Young Entrepreneur Winner Powers to Success

Our very own Managing Director Wins Young Entrepreneur Award

This year’s winner of the Rotherham Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition, sponsored by UK Steel Enterprise, is an energy whizz-kid with plans for global expansion. Former Wickersley College student Jonathan Morley, who set up Secure Power in Moorgate Crofts Business Centre when he was 25, picked up the first prize of £1,000.

Now his company is on-target to turnover £500,000 this year, and he is set to visit China later next month with a view to producing his own innovative green products. Jonathan set up his uninterruptable power supply (UPS) company with money he saved up from a previous job – and hasn’t looked back.

Jonathan said: “I’m so proud to have won this award. It’s amazing – I can hardly believe it! It’s a real pat on the back and it’s good to hear that the judges believe in me as well. I was determined to set up this business on my own, without asking for financial help from my parents. It was a struggle, but I haven’t looked back – even when the bank turned me down for a £5K overdraft.”

From small beginnings, Secure Power, which supplies, installs and maintains UPS systems and generators, now employs three people and is looking to expand its business into France and Germany. Secure Power already services a handful of high-powered clients from the financial services sector, local Government and large IT companies.

Jonathan also picked up £500 after he was named winner of the Best Business using IT category of the awards. Tata Steel subsidiary UK Steel Enterprise sponsored the competition and Allan Wood said “Jonathan has exactly the right attitude to make a success of his business. These are all individuals who have seized the opportunity to be their own boss with both hands and can be an inspiration to others.”

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