Why commercial businesses will benefit from a UPS post-COVID

As people across Britain begin the journey back to normality, businesses are re-opening and allowing customers back through their doors. This is a crucial time for many commercial businesses across the UK, who were forced to close their doors again back in January.

Businesses of all natures are preparing to enter the post-COVID world which means adapting existing approaches and resources to meet the new way of the world.

Commercial businesses are preparing for an influx of shoppers, as people flock to the shops for the first bit of normality since late last year. As part of this, many stores are extending hours or adding more retail staff to help meet the demand.

Most commercial businesses rely on the main power supply more than they realise, with store displays, lights and tills all relying on the main power supply. After the challenges that retail has faced within the last year, the last thing any store will want is a power disruption of any kind.

The unfortunate thing is that most power disruptions cannot be planned, leaving most businesses exposed to some sort of power disruption. For commercial businesses in a post-pandemic world, this would be another blow to sales and productivity which have already had quite the knock since the pandemic started last March.

Not only would it disrupt productivity and sales, but a severe power outage would also mean the evacuation of customers, which could damage the store reputation for a short time. The answer to this is ensuring a suitable backup power solution is in place.

We work with so many industries who all benefit from having a UPS system in place and retail is no exception, particularly larger enterprise stores. Depending on the UPS solution installed, it could mean that should any power disruption happen – the store would be able to continue running business as usual until the main power supply was restored.

A UPS system also protects from power surges which can make it beneficial to commercial businesses. Power surges and spikes can be harmful to electrical equipment, causing damage which many businesses would not be able to afford after a year of irregular sales.

The UPS system will monitor the incoming voltage and identify any spikes and surges, switching to AC power if harmful conditions arise – meaning the connected devices remain unharmed.

As the UK’s leading UPS specialists, we have the team, knowledge, and resources to create the perfect emergency power solution for your business – whatever industry you are in.

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