The importance of regular UPS maintenance

Like all electric equipment, your UPS system needs regular maintenance to ensure that no issues present themselves throughout your business. Most companies are exposed to a power disruption but unfortunately don’t realise until it’s too late.

Here are just some of the benefits that come with regular maintenance of your UPS system.

  1. Preventing problems

With regular maintenance, it’s easier to find potential issues within your system which could have otherwise led to a detrimental problem from your business if left unnoticed. Prevention is key to ensuring your UPS system runs smoothly throughout your business, so knowing that any potential problems will be picked up on is just one benefit of regular maintenance.

  • Preventing downtime

Every moment your business has to be down is a loss of money, which is why a power outage would spell disaster for your company. Whether it means your computers are down or your machinery is down, a power disruption is bad news. However, with regular maintenance any issues that could potentially cause a power disruption or outage are picked up on and resolved in efficient time, meaning you can rest assured that all downtime is prevented.

  • Replacements are made

Most UPS users understand that batteries will need a replacement at some point, but it can be quite easy for this to be overlooked – especially replacing items such as capacitors and fans before the end of their expected lifespan. However, with regular maintenance this can be detected earlier on to make sure that any replacements are made at an appropriate time, again taking the worry and stress out of your hands.

  • Inspect batteries

Most UPS failures are due to an issue with the battery, as multiple factors can affect the lifespan of your batteries. Even something as simple as storing the UPS in a room that is too warm can lead to your battery wear out faster than it’s expected lifespan. Regular maintenance allows the opportunity for a proper and thorough inspection to make sure any potential problems are assessed – again preventing a power outage.

The benefits of regular maintenance can go on, but the most important is that it prevents your business from suffering from any unnecessary power outages. When looking for someone to assist with UPS maintenance, you need to be sure you can put your trust in them.

At Secure Power, our commitment to UPS maintenance means you can rest assured that your business will be looked after. We offer 24/7 monitoring and remote monitoring, meaning any potential causes for disruption are picked up on and assessed immediately. We pride ourselves on having great response times, meaning your businesses downtime is as minimal as possible.

If you are interested in UPS maintenance for your business, get in touch today and together we can keep your businesses power flowing. Click here to contact us.

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