The Importance of Genuine UPS Parts

Be reassured, there is no ‘BS’ here. Founded in 2010 Secure Power is a Yorkshire-based business with a straight talking attitude. Built on years of power protection experience, we have earned an industry wide reputation for establishing lasting approved manufacturer partnerships. These relationships have not only helped us become what we are today but allow us to provide genuine UPS parts and the highest possible quality of service.

The UPS industry is flooded with both the good and the downright disingenuous and knowing who is trusted, reliable and genuine is becoming increasingly challenging. Whilst Secure Power is brand agnostic, which enables it to fulfil the broadest range of backup power requirements in the UK, the company also makes a point to only showcase its legitimate manufacturer partnerships. It is important to us that we do this as we want our customers to know exactly what to expect.

For example, as an approved reseller and authorised Riello service partner, Secure Power has direct access to technical support, which is an invaluable asset towards ensuring that any UPS solutions offered are 100% fit for purpose. In addition, we benefit from priority stock, best pricing and provide genuine UPS components.

It is the latter that cannot be masked, though many do try. Whether the customer has been duped, where the service provider has swapped out parts for counterfeit ones or perhaps the customer themselves have opted for cheaper alternatives – this is not worth doing in the long run. We cannot stress enough, the importance of using only genuine UPS parts.

Not to dumb it down too much, but think of the scenario like a car. If you need to replace your piston, you are probably panicking about the cost and the temptation to choose the cheapest solution is likely to cloud your better judgement. Stay firm, a dodgy piston, from an unreputable mechanic may work for a few weeks but will eventually fail, or even worse cause more damage to the car, which would ultimately result in failure and additional costs.

It is the same for a UPS system. Made up of a multitude of critical components, such as UPS batteries, capacitors, fans and UPS rectifiers, maintaining the health and quality of these is essential to UPS performance. Not only do these elements need regular servicing by trained and qualified UPS engineers but should they need replacing, only manufacturer approved, parts should be used.

Thanks to our strong relationships with leading manufacturers, we are able to easily source genuine UPS parts  If, in the unlikely event we are not able to, we will communicate this with our customer. After all there is no point in trying to cover it up, those that do, will get caught out in the end.

Our certified manufacturer partnerships shape our success and we truly value the importance of these relationships. Secure Power is proud to be a premium partner for Eaton, a premier partner for APC, a certified Socomec reseller and service provider and an authorised partner for Vertiv. Fully factory trained, our highly experienced, nationwide team of backup power engineers deliver immediate technical, onsite support.

Secure Power has one of the largest certified UPS parts and UPS solution portfolios in the country. It has direct access to a wide range of stock from line interactive UPS systems to online double conversion, scalable modular UPS and containerised back-up power. For more information about the UPS systems we offer or our wide range of UPS maintenance and UPS battery services please get in touch with our team 0800-080-3118



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