The Effect of Weather on Grid Systems

There is only one thing you can depend on with the British weather; that it is going to be unpredictable! One minute there are clear skies and the next, you are caught in the middle of a storm. Unpredictable weather also causes big problems for the power supply from the national grid. In fact, the majority of major power outages in the UK are caused by bad weather.

Due to the regular bouts of bad weather that we experience, the power supply in the UK is frequently affected, sometimes leading to power outages that last for hours, or even longer. When storms hit the UK, floods and high winds often damage power lines, leaving homes and businesses without power until the problem is fixed. It is often too dangerous for repairs to start until the storm has finished, so some power outages can last for days.

How weather-related power cuts affect businesses

If you run a business in the UK, then losing power is probably a big concern for you, whatever industry you work in. However, if your business relies heavily on the power supply for electrical equipment, such as for running machinery, computers, or a data centre, for example, losing power is much more than an inconvenience, it can bring your business grinding to a halt.

An unexpected loss of power can leave your business open to a range of risks, from long periods of zero productivity to losing data and several serious security issues. Power outages cost businesses significant financial loss, with an hour of downtime costing a small business an average of £800 and a large commercial business an average of £8,500.

With climate change expected to increase the frequency and severity of weather events, the problems associated with weather-related power outages are not going away. Therefore, as a business, you should be looking for ways that you can protect your business from the impact of power loss.

How a UPS works

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can be installed to protect your electrical equipment from power outages. When there is a power outage, a UPS will provide enough power to enable your equipment to safely shut down. You can also buy larger UPS systems that can supply continuous power to your systems for a longer period, so your business does not have to stop at all when there is a power outage.

As well as the possibility of losing data and productivity, when there is a power surge or loss, IT equipment can be damaged and will require repairs. A UPS can regulate voltages to prevent damage to equipment.

There is a wide range of different UPS systems available to suit all types of businesses and their requirements. By installing a UPS, you can be confident that your business will not face severe disruption whenever there is a power supply outage.

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