Supporting Apprenticeships in the UK

Supporting Apprenticeships in the UK

Secure Power is proud to support apprenticeships as it gives an opportunity for young people to start climbing on their employment ladder. We know that through correct training, strong support, guidance, and providing a positive work environment allows young people to succeed.

That is why our most recent employee is Tristan Oselton who joined us five months ago through YH Training. YH Training is a leading training provider in vocational training and workforce development solutions, and Secure Power has a positive relationship with the organisation because three years ago we hired our first Sales Support Apprentice through them.

Lewis Wheelhouse who joined us at the beginning of September 2015, started as Sales Support Apprentice and through his hard effort, commitment, and passion for his job became our Estimates and Purchase Leader. Whereas Alicia Hewitt who started as Post Sales Administrator became Maintenance Sales Executive; and both our apprentices after their course completion decided to continue developing their career with us!

Secure Power wouldn’t have been able to become what it is today if it wasn’t for its astounding staff. We have seen that by giving opportunities to young people they reward you hugely, and Secure Power will continue supporting education in South Yorkshire.

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