Secure Power Works from Home

Secure Power Works from Home

Over recent weeks millions of people across the globe have found themselves living in unprecedented times. Daily attire now includes donning a surgical mask and rubber gloves, queuing at the supermarkets has become the ‘new normal’ and the dreaded daily commute now consists of walking from one room of your home to another. 

Here at Secure Power, we have been working from home for just over a month and in doing so have come to realise that teamwork is now especially more important than ever. Thankfully due to today’s technology we have been able to regularly keep in touch via video calls and have even managed to keep our ‘virtual pub quizzes’ going every Friday to boost morale and keep positive company culture at the forefont of importance in these unusual times.  

In times as uncertain as these, it’s  important to consider a persons mental health. Remote working is new to a lot of people and starting it during a global pandemic can be tough amongst a whole range of different emotions. After a group video call we decided it would be helpful to share our own top tips on remaining positive whilst working from home, here’s what we came up with:

Our Sales Director, Carl said: “I find keeping to a routine really helps, which is why structuring my day is important for me. I also put together to do lists which help me prioritise my work load. I like to go for a run or a cycle before I start work in the morning, regular exercise, healthy eating and staying hydrated also makes a big difference. Some days I’ll go for a walk during lunch to split up the day, or I’ll have lunch with my children.”

Alicia, our Service Coordinations Manager had the same view on the importance of exercise: “I find exercise really helps me to get into a positive state of mind and finding a specific place to sit down and work in my home helps me to feel more motivated.”

Beth, our Digital Marketing Executive said: “Yoga in the morning before work really helps to set me in good stead for the day. I also find it super important to work near a window as daylight makes me feel more refreshed and ready to work. Also, taking my lunch break away from my desk space is a must for me, so I usually take the dog out for a bit of fresh air during this hour.”

Finally, James our Business Development Manager elaborated on the importance of personal grooming; “Getting up, having a shower and making myself look presentable helps me to feel ready for the day. It also brings about that sense of normality, as if I was getting ready to go to the office.”

So, those are our top tips, if you’re reading this whilst working from home, feel free to share any of things that are helping you stay positive whilst remote working. Stay safe and keep an eye on that mental health of yours during these bizarre months. 


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