Secure Power Company Night Out & Record Month

Secure Power Company Night Out & Record Month

Secure Power has been incredibly busy; last month we smashed our targets and achieved our finest month since the company was established 8 years ago by managing director Jon Morley. Jon is grateful for the loyal client base that allows the company to supply, maintain and service their critical power systems. Nonetheless, Jon knows that another success ingredient of the record month is the company’s staff.

Throughout the UK and Europe, Secure Power are known for top-level customer service, extensive knowledge of the industry, and its speed and efficiency in response to customer’s concerns. This reputation would not exist without the right team. Therefore, to celebrate the highest sales order intake of any month, the Secure Power team were treated to a night out!

The team members who could make it had their taste buds treated at Bollywood Indian Restaurant in Rotherham, where employees could choose from eye-watering dishes and sweet and light curries. Afterwards, the night progressed to Olive Lounge tapas bar where lively music and delicious cocktails kept the night going.

One of the team members said:
“The company night-out was so much fun, everyone enjoyed themselves, and bonded with each other more than ever. I can’t wait to smash targets again so that we can enjoy more of these company perks.”

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