Preparing your business for an unplanned power disruption

A power disruption can occur at any time and as a business, the result of an unplanned power disruption can be costly and damaging. Having a plan in place for if there is a power disruption protects you, your business and your employees from awful consequences.

Whether your business is small or an enterprise, a power disruption could lead to a loss of data, damaged equipment or a huge drop in productivity. There are a few factors that, as a business owner, you should plan so that you and your business are fully prepared for any form of power disruption.

What happens if a power disruption happens?

If the lights go out and all equipment fails, what is the plan of action for you and your employees? Planning for evacuation and what equipment needs to be turned off if the power is disrupted will minimise any panic and the risk of harm to employees or equipment.

Have an emergency kit for employees

Depending on the severity of the power disruption, an emergency kit for your employees may be necessary so it’s good to prepare one just in case. This should include essentials like torches and first aid equipment, especially if there is a blackout.

Schedule regular backups

If your business is primarily online-based, regular backups should be a protocol to ensure that if a power disruption happens – you don’t lose anything important. Particularly with GDPR laws that have strengthened in the last few years, losing data of any kind could end up in costly fines for your business if a data breach occurs. Having regularly scheduled backups gives the peace of mind that you won’t lose all data but depending on how often these backups are, there is always the risk that you could lose some.

Get an emergency power supply

The best way to protect your data, your employees and your business is by investing in an emergency power solution. Through this, you can utilise the emergency power when your main power supply is disrupted – allowing your business to continue working as usual or to safely shut down and evacuate as required.

At Secure Power, we are specialists when it comes to emergency power solutions and have the extensive knowledge to help your business. No matter the size of your business, we can work with you and your budget to create a solution that meets your needs.

If you want to discuss implementing a backup power supply for your business, you can speak to our friendly team here.

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