Outlining The Critical Role of Generators

As energy prices soar, businesses and homeowners are realising the need for a more secure, stable and consistent power supply. Unpredictable power outages can severely impact the core operations of any business. When a power failure plunges a business into darkness, the losses are more significant than just revenue. The lack of backup power can wipe out stock, damage equipment and even put lives at risk.

Power outages also severely impact homeowners. With more of us working from home, many employees cannot afford the cost of lost time, data or damaged electronic equipment due to power fluctuations or failures.

The crisis in the UK’s energy sector has brought the need for industrial and residential generators to the fore. Gas shortages have impacted the carbon dioxide (CO2) industry and prices have skyrocketed by 250% in 2021. Then, there are disruptions to energy supplies with many suppliers going bust.

According to some reports, a short power cut in August 2019 cost the economy over £15 million. The outage left commuters stranded, thousands of homes without electricity, and impacted critical hospital services. The University of Cambridge commented that part of the reason was an increased reliance on renewable energy sources, which are predicted to result in a more volatile power supply in the future.

More and more businesses are safeguarding their electrical infrastructure with the introduction of more resilient backup power solutions such as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems and generators.

Generator Solutions

Installing sufficient generator connection points and having a generator provision safeguards electrical power to critical applications when the mains supply fails. When combined with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system, a backup generator ensures that the power stays on for an extended period of time. This means no interruptions in the electrical load giving business owners and facility managers peace of mind.

Every business has its own specific needs when it comes to a backup power supply. The need for cost-effective, reliable and flexible backup generator solutions has never been greater. It is also vital to ensure that any backup power solution meets supply capacity to keep electrical equipment on during a power outage. Also, small-scale residential generators can maintain the power supply to a home.

Secure Power works with key industries including data centres, healthcare facilities, financial institutions, manufacturing sites and event grounds that all rely on round-the-clock power for critical equipment.

Why Generator Connection Points are Essential

A generator connection point restores power to critical electrical equipment during an outage. A UPS provides temporary power while the generator powers up to support critical load. When the generator provides full power, the UPS will continue to condition power quality to prevent spikes and surges.

Investing in a robust backup generator solution can mean energy savings in the future. As businesses become more reliant on 24/7 operations, the cost of any power outage can be huge. In addition, the increase of energy tariffs means that companies will have lower revenues. This could mean a drop in services to offset losses or lower output to reduce costs.

Here are five compelling reasons to look for bespoke generator solutions to protect a business’s core operation.

Ability to switch power systems

Energy is typically one of the biggest outgoings. Having a backup power system in place opens opportunities to reduce energy bills. For example, it could be advantageous to switch to a backup solution during peak times. Or, if gas prices spike as they did in 2021, using a diesel generator could be a temporary cost-effective solution.

Eliminate downtime

The most significant benefit of having sufficient generation connection points is to prevent disruptions to business core operations. Medical facilities, emergency services, food production and manufacturing plants can’t afford a power blackout. If the mains supply fails, the transfer switch immediately brings backup power online.

Safeguard stock, lives and customer data

A standby generator and UPS system guarantee that critical applications are always on. In healthcare settings, emergency power keeps life support systems working 24/7. A business with perishable stock will never lose inventory due to an unpredictable power outage. In addition, sensitive data is safeguarded from corruption if data storage systems unexpectedly shut down.

Protect reputation

An integrated power system incorporating battery storage, a generator, switchgear technology and UPS protects a company’s reputation. A business that is always open despite outages instils trust in its customers and clients. Also, a hospital’s reputation will never be tainted by issues caused by insufficient power due to a mains failure.

Backup generators help save money and protect revenue

A backup generator is a cost-saving investment that ensures critical systems don’t fail in an outage. Because power disruptions don’t impact business operations, the building and essential applications work as usual. Therefore, there is no need to send staff home, pay compensation to customers or face expensive repair bills.

The Importance of Preventative Generator Maintenance

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure the peak performance of generator connection points. Generator maintenance helps keep fuel lines clean, increases efficiency and replaces parts before they break or fail. An annual inspection will also test the UPS and generator’s capacity to replace the power supply if mains fail.

Secure Power Generator Solutions

Power outages will likely increase in frequency as we deal with climate change and switch to renewables. The time to invest in secure backup power is now. Business owners can protect their core operations during a power outage.

Trends show that the price of raw materials will continue to increase. This means that the costs of designing, purchasing and installing integrated power solutions will rise in the future. In addition, investing in preventative maintenance extends a generator’s lifespan, ensuring that backup power is always available.

Secure Power is an industry leader for providing all types of commercial and industrial generator solutions. With over a decade in delivering critical power solutions, Secure Power has an extensive portfolio of generator and UPS solutions. Please get in touch with the team to find out more about our products and services and for details about installing and maintaining generator connection points. 0800-080-3118

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