Maximising UPS Battery Life

UPS batteries are the most fundamental part of any UPS solution. Their critical role and complex structure means they require regular UPS battery service and maintenance to ensure they are in perfect operating condition. It is particularly important to monitor environmental conditions and the temperature of UPS batteries.


Many choose to adopt temperature compensated UPS battery charging, which allows UPS batteries to be charged in a cooler climate, which helps to extend UPS runtime. Battery life is prolonged as deterioration in float charging applications is limited. This method also minimises the risk of venting and irreversible damage to UPS battery cells that can occur in warm, ambient temperatures.


Temperature compensated UPS battery charging adjusts the voltage depending on the ambient temperature, which greatly reduces the risk of overcharging in warmer conditions, whilst maximising UPS battery charge in cooler temperatures. The recommended ambient temperature for UPS batteries is 20-25°C and typically the life of a UPS battery is reduced every 10°C rise above this. Where a fixed charge voltage system is used there is a risk that UPS batteries could overcharge in warm conditions and likewise undercharge if kept in cooler climates.


Directly addressing temperature fluctuations, temperature compensated UPS battery charging dynamically regulates the recharge voltage accordingly, where the higher the temperature, the lower the recharge voltage.


This reduction in charge voltage in warmer temperatures optimises the chemical reaction within the UPS batteries by ensuring that they do not overcharge. This will cause pressure to build up in the UPS battery cell through the production of excess hydrogen, which can ultimately cause permanent damage. Undercharging UPS batteries will limit their capacity and require higher charge voltage to address this if stored in cooler temperatures.


It is important to note that all UPS batteries will deteriorate over time but keeping the chemical balance as stable as possible will contribute to extended UPS battery life. This should always be coupled with regular UPS battery maintenance, which must be carried out to check the overall condition of the UPS batteries.


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