How UPS can revolutionise your business

Businesses across all industries can be severely impacted by power failures and other types of power supply losses. In some cases, this can lead to damaged products and equipment, or significant costs that result from systems not being available to use.

Power can go down for many reasons, from storms affecting the power grid, to an accident that affects power supply. An unexpected loss of power can cause major damage to computer hardware and can lead to loss of data, so businesses should have a backup power plan and other solutions in place to ensure their key electrical equipment does not go down.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is the perfect solution for businesses who want to mitigate the consequences of the loss of power. Here are the key benefits:

Continuous, uninterrupted power supply

UPS provides break-free power if your mains supply fails for any reason. As it continuously provides power, there is no break between mains failure and the generator getting started back up, therefore everything remains running as usual and no data will be lost.

Surge protection

UPS also protects equipment from the consequences of a power surge. It monitors voltage to identify any spikes and then normalises power to prevent damage that spikes can cause to equipment.

Savings by preventing lost productivity

When power is lost, productivity will be impacted which can cause your business huge costs. If the equipment is damaged, there could be even more downtime than the period of time of a power outage, as parts may need to be repaired. Therefore, a UPS solution can save your business a considerable amount of money by preventing any lost productivity through downtime.

Ability to backup data

Losing data is one of the worst-case scenarios for large data centres, so choosing a UPS is the best way to ensure that data is backed up and to avoid the impact of lost data. A UPS provides a window for workers to make a backup of the work they have open, so they do not lose what they have been working on, so their time is not lost.

All types of businesses can benefit from having the security of a power backup in the form of UPS. While generators can provide power in a power outage, there is a break in power while the generator starts up, unless you are using a UPS. So, if you want to make sure that no data is lost and no damage is caused by interrupted power, you should look at acquiring a UPS solution.

Power outages can last anything from a few seconds to several days in severe cases, where there has been an accident or even flooding, for example, so your productivity could be significantly impacted if you do not have a UPS in place.

Maintenance of UPS

As well as using a UPS to protect your business from all of the different consequences of losing power, it is also important to ensure that your UPS solution is well maintained so that it is kept in perfect condition and is always ready to do its job when an unexpected power outage hits your business.

Secure Power supplies the highest quality of UPS solutions, as required for your specific business needs. We also offer a UPS maintenance contract, which will ensure that your UPS is checked and maintained regularly, to avoid any problems that can happen if, for example, parts fail, or there is external damage to the UPS that requires attention.

Speak to Secure Power to discuss how UPS can benefit your business and to arrange a maintenance contract to give you total peace of mind that your business is protected in the event of a power outage.

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