How Secure Are Warranties vs UPS Maintenance Contracts?

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions are vital for many businesses. A UPS system protects electrical applications from damage or failure in the case of power spikes, outages and fluctuations. Even if power is down for a relatively short time or has the slightest interference, electrical devices could suffer severe damage and businesses can suffer from significant operational losses.

A UPS warranty repairs or replaces any issues with UPS system components. As a minimum, a standard factory warranty covers at least one year on UPS batteries, up to five years on some electrical parts and any necessary repairs for smaller UPS systems, such as those from Riello. However, UPS warranties do not guarantee an uninterrupted power supply. So, what happens to business data and security if there is a power outage and a faulty UPS battery fails?

Preventative UPS maintenance is the best way to guarantee a 100% power supply uptime. Routine UPS maintenance involves a visual inspection of the complete UPS system. For example, field engineers carry out diagnostics such as thermal scanning, load bank testing and battery inspection. This preventative maintenance program allows engineers to replace UPS parts before they fail. UPS maintenance also ensures that systems operate at optimal efficiency.

Why is a preventative maintenance program vital for UPS systems? Why is it not a good idea only to rely on UPS warranties? This article explores how a robust preventative UPS maintenance program protects power supplies.

UPS Warranty vs. UPS Maintenance

A UPS warranty only provides a service to fix broken or failing components. Even if an extended warranty is purchased, coverage only applies if the system fails. A preventive UPS maintenance program is designed to prevent UPS components from failing. Maintenance identifies minor issues before they escalate and cause serious problems. 

Unlike relying on a warranty, UPS maintenance gives businesses peace of mind. For example, warranty repairs usually take three to five days. Users may have to remove and package the faulty unit. However, with Secure Power maintenance support, clients get a temporary UPS whilst its engineers carry out necessary repairs. This way, Secure Power helps to ensure businesses always have an uninterruptible power supply.

The Importance of Preventative UPS Maintenance

A robust UPS maintenance program means that emergency power is there when you need it most. Maintaining critical power applications prevents downtime, extends components’ life expectancy and ensures that equipment runs at optimal performance. In addition, this type of service gives peace of mind that a warranty never can.

Here are some ways why UPS maintenance is crucial, even if there is a valid warranty:

  1. Preventative UPS maintenance minimises downtime

Preventative maintenance identifies any UPS components that may need replacing. Thermal scans to identify hot spots, visual inspections and testing help determine the health of UPS batteries. Proactive replacement of potentially bad batteries, fans and capacitors helps prevent critical load loss and battery failure.

  1. Inspect and replace critical components

UPS units are complex systems that rely on many components working together. So, regular maintenance identifies any potential point of failure by testing all internal components. This includes fans, air filters, UPS internal connections, loose connections and power connections.

  1. UPS maintenance keeps operating costs to a minimum

The total cost of ownership (TCO) involves looking at the bigger picture to assess the long-term costs of maintaining a UPS system. Here is an example of how UPS preventive maintenance can save money –

An engineer notices a failing UPS fan. The fan is designed to cool “heat sinks” in the UPS rectifier and inverter. Changing the fan is a relatively inexpensive cost. However, suppose a component in the rectifier and inverter fails due to heat damage. In that case, the repairs could cost thousands of pounds.

  1. Maintenance prolongs the life of the UPS

UPS maintenance is not only about preventing problems. Routine maintenance keeps a UPS working at optimal efficiency, lowering monthly expenses for business operations. Therefore, a preventive maintenance program reduces preventable expenses and day-to-day running costs.

What a UPS Maintenance Program From Secure Power Includes

A UPS is a valuable asset protecting critical systems in your business. Unfortunately, investing in a UPS is not cheap. Therefore, it is vital to entrust routine maintenance to an approved, qualified professional. A cheap maintenance program may not provide the expertise, spare parts, technical support or firmware updates to protect a business from costly downtime.

There is another aspect to consider. Unapproved third-party power supply repairs may render a UPS warranty invalid.

What can clients expect from an annual maintenance visit to service UPS systems?

First, clients should expect technical support 24/7, 365 days a year. This means that a dedicated engineer is constantly on call and can respond quickly to emergency call-outs. UPS maintenance support contracts typically include:

  • Dedicated response times (4 hours, 8 hours, NBD)
  • Emergency call-outs (within chosen response time)
  • Temporary solutions should we be unable to first time fix (temporary UPS, externally bypass UPS etc.)
  • 24/7 technical support with direct access to an engineer
  • Annual preventative maintenance visit

Preventative UPS maintenance contracts are designed to reduce the risk of the effects of any power anomalies. UPS maintenance contracts should be in place within the warranty period to ensure that a backup power provision is always available. Without a reliable UPS maintenance agreement, additional costs should be expected as UPS repair or removal may need to be carried out at inflated, non-contract rates.

Secure Power has been providing critical power solutions for over a decade and has an industry wide reputation for delivering first class backup power services. With preventative maintenance at the core of its business, Secure Power has its own team of engineers, available nationwide, 24/7. Covering an extensive product portfolio, the company’s technical UPS engineers are all qualified and trained across multiple UPS brands including Riello, Schneider, APC, Eaton, Socomec and Vertiv.

Offering immediate response and ongoing UPS maintenance and services including UPS installation, commissioning and UPS battery works, Secure Power also offers a range of UPS battery testing, removal, relocation and UPS hire services. For more information about Secure Power’s extensive range of UPS systems and power protection services please get in touch with our team 0800-080-3118

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