Global Recycling Day – Introducing Our Battery Recycling Service

There has been increased awareness about the future problems we face if more action is not taken to protect the environment, but we are still far behind where we need to be. The UK Government is introducing several initiatives and regulations that will help to reduce carbon emissions and tackle issues like waste, but it is also the responsibility of businesses to work in ways that are more environmentally friendly.

On 18 March 2021, it is Global Recycling Day, which is a great time to look at any changes you can make to how your business operates, to ensure you are doing everything you can to protect the environment. It is important for businesses to have a good recycling system in place and to use sustainable materials wherever possible and the organisers behind Global Recycling Day are encouraging people to become a #RecyclingHero.

How businesses can be more green

Recycling plays a huge part in protecting our natural resources and there are many other ways that businesses can be more environmentally friendly, including encouraging green travel for employees by providing bike storage and changing facilities, for example.

Using less water by installing water-efficient taps and toilet flush systems is another great way to go green, as well as reducing electricity usage, through solutions such as installing solar panels and using more energy-efficient appliances.

There are lots of different ways for businesses to become greener and reducing waste and recycling items that can be recycled makes a significant difference, especially for larger companies and businesses that work with materials that can be particularly harmful to the environment. Pollution is becoming an increasingly devastating problem and action is required now to prevent further climate change issues.

Recycling Batteries

If not disposed of properly, batteries can release corrosive liquids, which are toxic and harmful to both animals and plants. Businesses that use a lot of batteries and especially those who use larger batteries in equipment are required to recycle batteries in line with Hazardous Waste Regulations. Failure to do so is not only potentially very harmful to the environment, this can also result in the business facing heavy fines.

Secure Power is a registered waste carrier and a company that takes protecting the environment very seriously. As well as disposing of batteries legally, safely and securely, we are committed to being a business that leads the way in green practices.

We offer a service to collect and dispose of batteries adhering to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling directive. Our logistics team will collect your batteries and safely package your scrap batteries before transporting them to our recycling partners.

If you want to make sure you are a Global Recycling Day #RecyclingHero, contact us today to arrange the recycling of your batteries.

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