Entrepreneur Interview On BBC Radio Sheffield

Entrepreneur Interview On BBC Radio Sheffield

Secure Power’s Managing Director, Jonathan Morley, was recently interviewed on BBC Radio Sheffield. The interview took place on May 21st on the Rony Robinson Morning Show. The show was dedicated to entrepreneurs, and discussing various techniques and qualities about how they succeed.

The only other entrepreneur interviewed on the Rony Robinson show as part of the entrepreneur feature was Levi Roots. He is the successful entrepreneur who famously created Reggae Reggae sauces and appeared on Dragons Den. The interview took place around 11am, in the middle of the three hour show. The show focused in on what makes a person an entrepreneur and what made them successful.

Jonathan spoke openly about his success and how he had succeeded with Secure Power. When asked what had made him successful, Jonathan answered by explaining that his experience before setting up the business was key, which he had gained working for a number of companies within Secure Power’s industry. He also explained that he had a determination to succeed.

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When Rony asked Jonathan about his opinions on business, Jonathan discussed that while he works hard he ensures that he always enjoys the success: “I think it is important to enjoy the success and the money you make as a business owner. There is no point in making a huge profit if you cannot enjoy it.”

He went onto discuss that he thinks that the main reason behind his calm business approach and his creative thinking is a healthy balance between work and social. Jonathan’s refreshing approach is seen as a change from the norm in British business, where people tend to believe if you want to succeed you can never switch off.

This appearance from Secure Power’s Managing Director was his third appearance on BBC Radio Sheffield, since his company won Best IT/Technology Company in South Yorkshire in 2011 at the young entrepreneur awards. Jonathan was also named the Young Entrepreneur of the year at the same award show, which is one of the main reasons behind his regular interviews for the radio station.

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