Employee of the Month – Kamile Bagdanaviciute

Employee of the Month – Kamile Bagdanaviciute

Kamile Bagdanaviciute, who is our Marketing Manager, has won the Employee of the Month award. Secure Power saw numerous improvements since Kamile joined the company last year, and the most significant challenge was creating Secure Power’s new website. The new site focuses on improving the quality of the user’s interaction and perception of the company. Moreover, the website has meaningful information and visualisations to help the customer make the right decision about their backup power solution. Below we asked her a few questions about the job role and winning the award.

Tell us about your role and what you do daily?

I’m the Marketing Manager for Secure Power, and my duties include but not limited to, creating marketing strategies, improving the website, managing suppliers, creating content, and many other vital tasks.

What do you most enjoy about your role?

Using my knowledge and experience to help the company to become the leading independent supplier of UPS, but I mostly enjoy the office environment. Because the company has 15 employees, it has a family business feel, which means that everyone is close to each other.

How do you feel being recognised as Employee of the Month?

I’m delighted that my colleagues voted for me and that they have recognised my hard work. I can’t wait to bring more positive changes to the company.

Any plans of how you are going to use your Employee of the Month prize?

Hmm, I think I will spend the money on clothes as there is never enough of them. Also, I will not feel as guilty about using the cash I won instead of my own.



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