Secure Power Offers More With Riello Sentryum

Secure Power has now included the latest 30kVA and 40kVA models of the Riello Sentryum range within its extensive UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) portfolio.


The third generation, transformer free UPS solution from Riello maximises availability, efficiency and performance for critical applications such as emergency lighting, servers, telecommunications and healthcare systems.


Boasting an impressive manufacturer efficiency rating of 96.5%, the flexible, high performance Sentryum range is compact with a notable small footprint, making it the ideal backup power solution for small and medium sized datacentres and comms rooms.  


Mirroring many of the same technical characteristics of the 10 – 20kVA Sentryum UPS models, the new 30 -40kVA further maximise battery autonomy and enhance floor space with the addition of two cabinet size variations, Active and Xtend.


Covering < 0.35 m2 and only 0.33 m3 of space, the Sentryum Active UPS system delivers expansive battery autonomy with option of two strings of batteries. The Sentryum Xtend also offers an extremely small footprint of 0.4 m2 and < 0.5 m3 and allows for the management of two or three battery strings for even longer autonomy.


Riello UPS systems are renowned industry wide for providing resilient emergency power solutions. Manufactured using the highest quality components and to exceptional technical standards, the Sentryum UPS solutions offer unity output power factor and can be configured in parallel with up to eight units for each redundant system (N+1). Offering more active power than traditional UPS systems, the Sentryum range is one of the most flexible of its kind, encompassing multiple operating modes including online, ECO, smart, active, standby and frequency converter the Sentryum UPS systems also enable future load increases.


With intelligent monitoring available, the management of fan speed, cooling flow and temperature can all be easily checked. A large touchscreen display panel incorporates an intuitive LED status indicator that shows the UPS condition using a colour coded display. Cold start capability means the Riello Sentryum range can be started even in the absence of mains power.


As the UK approved distributor and authorised Riello service partner for over 10 years, Secure Power is able to offer the complete range of Riello UPS solutions with extended warranty periods. From the highly versatile Riello iPlug and iDialog to the line interactive Riello Vision Dual and online double conversion Riello Multi Sentry UPS solutions, Secure Power is also able to provide industry leading delivery times and technical support for all Riello UPS.


Secure Power’s engineers are all factory trained on Riello UPS systems and are authorised to carry out all UPS maintenance and service works including installation and commissioning. The company’s long standing partnership with Riello enables it to have direct access to technical support, genuine UPS parts and stock. Recognised for its commitment to delivering manufacturer approved solutions, Secure Power also offers the widest range of authorised UPS solutions in the UK. For more information about the company’s extensive range of UPS solutions and services please get in touch with our team 0800-080-3118


Riello UPS is an Italian based, award winning UPS solutions manufacturer. With decades of experience in designing and manufacturing emergency power solutions, Riello UPS specialises in single phase, three phase, line interactive and online double conversion UPS systems for a wide range of applications from domestic use through to multi-mega watt datacentres. Featuring the very latest in UPS technology and engineered using the highest quality components, Riello UPS solutions provide industry leading resilience and efficiency. 

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