Battery Replacement at a London Hospital

A power outage can be disastrous for any business but particularly for a hospital, a power outage can be fatal in the worst instances. That’s why we work with a lot of hospitals and medical industries to ensure that they are protected from any potential power disruptions. This was especially the case recently when we worked with a London hospital.

At Secure Power, we take the time to understand what exactly your business needs – which is why we focus on our initial conversations and site checks to make sure that we have the best understanding of what it is you need.

This allows us to create a complete and long-term solution for you, allowing you to save costs and preventing the worst from happening. Not only that but we also work with you through every step, so even after installation we still have services that can assist you further.

Recently we worked with a London Hospital to complete a battery replacement. Their existing 160x SWL1850 batteries were replaced during the installation of an Eaton Powerware 120kVA UPS. Eaton has been a key partner to Secure Power since 2012 when we first recommended and supplied one of their systems. Fast-forward to 2017 and Secure Power are now an official Eaton Power Partner, which allows us to provide customers such as this London Hospital with larger-scale UPS systems.

To make sure your business has as little downtime as possible, we are completely flexible in our approach to completing any works. We collaborate with you on what day and time will be best for you to make sure unnecessary downtime is avoided.

For this battery replacement, our engineers completed the works out of normal hours and executed the replacement over two nights.

Having this UPS system will mean that in the case of a power disruption of any kind, the hospital will have a power supply to ensure their machines and electrics can continue working until the main power supply resumes.

To further assist this customer, we helped them to dispose of the old batteries that had been replaced. These types of batteries contain toxic chemicals, so if they are mishandled or disposed of incorrectly, they can be dangerous and harm our environment.

In the UK, battery recycling must be carried out in line with Hazardous Waste Regulations and as a registered waste carrier, Secure Power helped to dispose of the old batteries in line with the current legislation. We managed the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of the old batteries following the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling regulations.

A UPS can help protect any business from a power disruption, whether you need a smaller-scale system or a larger scale like this hospital did. If you speak to Secure Power, we can discuss and suggest the best solution for you and your business.

If you want to protect your business from a power disruption, contact Secure Power.

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