Avoiding A major Outage

Avoiding A Major Outage

On the 18th of August Data Centre giant Equinix suffered a major power loss due to a faulty UPS. The power outage blighted the users of its London Docklands facility, leaving many customers without power for 18 hours.  

Amongst those affected by the outage at the co-location Docklands Data Centre were internet service providers, cloud & IT services and website hosting companies, whom of which ran into connectivity issues due to loss of power.  

After an investigation, the cause of the problem was identified as a failing output static switch within the UPS system. This component connects the critical load to either the raw mains from the bypass supply or conditioned power from the UPS.  

As London Docklands is considered to be one of the most important data centres in the UKit’s clear to see why a power failure of such gravity caused an onslaught of issues for its customers, many of which took to Twitter to vent their frustration.  

Whilst issues like this can arise just about anywhere, it’s important to be prepared for them. Preparation could be the difference between a few minutes to hours and hours of power lossYou don’t have to be a UPS expert to prevent these problems from arising. The key to prevention of failure is regular maintenance.  

Protecting critical infrastructure is imperative for any business, yet it is not usually thought about until the event of failure. It’s important to be sure that your equipment will function correctly in the occurrence of power disruption 

In some cases, the cause of failure may not be crystal clear, especially if you’re not well versed in the Uninterruptible Power Supply industry. That’s why it’s important to put your trust in a maintenance service provider who can keep an eye on the resilience and efficiency of your UPS system, making sure you’re protected in the event of a failure 

Secure Power are currently offering FREE UPS audits on systems over 7 years old, why not take advantage of this service. If you’re system is over 7 years old, take a look at our Health Check service, where we can offer an in-depth assessment of your UPS and Generator, to help bring peace of mind. 

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