APC InfraStruxure Maintenance Contract Secured

APC InfraStruxure Maintenance Contract Secured

Secure Power recently secured a contract with a Furniture manufacturer based in the North of England. Their furniture is distributed across a number of continents including Africa, Asia and Europe, which clearly outlines the scale of their operations.

Power protection for companies based in the manufacturing industry is essential. A break in power such as a power outage can cause major problems for manufacturing companies.

These problems can include damage of machinery, which could require repair or even worse replacement if there is a large power surge. Maintenance of the machines is of high importance to ensure when there is a break in power that the UPSs are in full working order. Large maintenance contracts such as this are dealt with on a regular basis by Secure Power. This is mainly due to the new staff members at Secure Power, who are focusing on maintenance work.

APC InfraStruxure maintenance is something that Secure Power deal with on a regular basis. This expertise ensures they win a number of maintenance contracts for APC units. As APC are one of the largest global providers of Uninterruptible Power Supplies, expertise from the Secure Power engineers in this field proves to be very useful. This expertise can be applied at various sites, due to the number of APC units installed across the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Jonathan Morley the Managing Director of Secure Power spoke of his joy at winning such a project. Winning maintenance contracts for APC units is something that has been happening for a while, due to our expertise with APC InfraStruxure maintenance. The number of maintenance contracts we are winning for APC InfraStruxure setups is the most pleasing aspect. It shows that we are extremely reliable when dealing with large maintenance contracts. I feel this is down to the excellent work ethic and dedication of our staff. If you have any needs in the manufacturing industry for power management please do not hesitate to contact Secure Power via 0844-567-9770.


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