5 Reasons why a battery fails (and how to prevent it!)

When your main power supply fails, your business may see a drop in sales and productivity, as well as potentially losing important data. What’s worse is that with the new Data Protection regulations, such data loss could leave your business open to multiple lawsuits and damage claims.

A UPS system can help support this by working as a back-up power supply, but it is so important to ensure that your UPS is fully protected and maintained. Without proper storage and maintenance, your UPS batteries could fail. Here are common reasons for why a battery will fail and how to prevent it:

Temperature variance –

The surrounding temperature of your UPS can dramatically affect its operational life. For optimal usage, your system should be in a controlled environment with a temperature between 22-25° Celsius. If the temperature drops below this, the batteries will sustain damage and may even fail. Further to this, if the temperature rises above 25°, it may increase the capacity, but it will cut the battery life down. It only takes a temperature rise of 8° to reduce your battery life expectancy by 5-10 years!

Improper Storage –

How your UPS batteries are stored can greatly affect their lifespan, particularly how they are stored when they are not in use. Improper storage is one of the key contributing factors to premature battery failure. The optimal storage conditions can differ depending on the make and model of your system, so it can be difficult to know how to store them safely. Many manufacturers will offer guidance on this matter, but we always recommend hiring an expert to advise on storage.

Ageing –

Naturally, batteries won’t last forever. As time goes on, the internal resistance of your battery will increase – meaning that your system will eventually fail. The best way to avoid system failure is to ensure that your batteries are stored correctly and receive regular maintenance.

Lack of Maintenance –

Finally, ensuring your system is regularly maintained! Without regular monitoring and maintenance, your back-up power supply is at risk of malfunctioning; it only takes one small error to cause an entire system failure.

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