33% of British Businesses Take Power Cut Hits, How Can We Help?

33% of UK Businesses Take Power Cut Hits. So, How Can We Help?

A recent study published by The British Chamber of Commerce announced that a staggering 33% of UK businesses have been affected by power outages in 2019.

27% of businesses involved in the study expressed that they expect the demand for electricity to accelerate in the near future and that extra support will be needed to aid businesses in their transition into cleaner and improved energy efficiency.

The study also revealed that the UK business sector is currently taking steps to lower waste and emissions, with 61% of businesses increasing their recycling measures, 54% making the switch to LED lighting and 49% cutting down on their paper usage.

BCC director-general Dr Adam Marshall has been urging policy makers to fix Britain’s energy infrastructure and to ensure its fit for the future. He said: “Access to affordable and reliable energy is critical for businesses. It’s unacceptable that many companies are facing power cuts and interruption to supply, which can damage machinery and leave employees unable to do their jobs.

“Reliance on electricity is set to increase across the economy as we move away from fossil fuel use.”

Across the board is a common objective of achieving net zero carbon emissions. This can only be achieved with electricity providers, governing bodies and industry regulators pulling together to increase improvements in generation and supply. It is clear UK businesses also have a part to play in reaching this shared goal.

Drax Group CEO Will Gardiner said: “Businesses across Britain can play their part too by installing on-site batteries, switching their fleets to electric vehicles, conducting energy audits, buying 100% renewable power and taking up smart meters, enabling a zero-carbon, lower-cost energy future.”

As leading figure in the UK Uninterruptable Power Supply industry, Secure Power realise the importance of being mission critical. A missed opportunity could have detrimental effects on a business. For instance, how much could it cost per hour for your business to be out of power?

Downtime can have detrimental effects on a business and although this issue can be resolved, the impacts can create long lasting damage. Loss of productivity, data depletion, reputational spoilage and in some instances, equipment damage can be just a few of the destructive effects a power cut can have on a business. Prevention is far more effective than corrective action.

Here at Secure Power we have an array of preventative solutions which could stop these harmful effects in their tracks. We supply, install, commission, and maintain the best uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and generator solutions available in the market today. As a leading provider of emergency power solutions, we have one of the most diverse service offerings found in the UK. From health checks, emergency callouts, installation & commissioning, battery services, equipment relocation and enhances services, our services will have a profound and positive impact on your business as a whole.

Secure Power is the home of power protection and our reliable services can help you to sleep just that little bit easier knowing you’re in safe hands against the dangers of power outages. For more information on how we can help you, get in touch today.

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